International Marcé Society Conference: Advancing Perinatal Mental Health

  • ke-la
  • Barcelona, Espanja

On behalf of the Board of the International Marcé Perinatal Mental Health Society, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us at our next Biennial Conference September 4-7th in Barcelona Spain. As the President of the Society, I am more than excited to host this conference in beautiful Barcelona and I invite all persons interested in improving perinatal mental health outcomes to join us. 

The mission of the International Society is to “sustain an international perinatal mental health community to promote research and high-quality clinical care around the world.” We promote and disseminate research aimed at improving out comes for women, men, infants and family members during the critical perinatal time-period. When we gather for the conference, we will be brought together by a shared commitment to advancing the understanding, treatment, and support for perinatal mental health worldwide. 

Our theme, “Advancing Perinatal Mental Health: Bridging Familial, Cultural and Geographic Contexts (It’s a small world!),” exemplifies our goals for our upcoming conference to be inclusive and diverse-both in terms of defining who the perinatal time-period applies to and our definition of “family.” Further, we are striving to bring together diverse viewpoints from both cultural and geographical perspectives with an emphasis on international themes. We hope our conference will provide an exciting and supportive forum to discuss perinatal mental health from an international perspective and contribute to our collective efforts to elevate perinatal mental health care worldwide.

Please join us! See you in Barcelona…

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